10 Best POS Systems for Small Businesses

A guide of the 10 top POS to choose for your small business.

What is POS?

A point of Sale (POS) System is a network of checkout terminals that are operated by a central computer that forms the main component of a retail business where all processes merge. It helps you to keep track of all the cash flow from your business in a simple, organised and efficient manner. Small businesses in the retail industry are the top users of POS systems.

Modern technology has made it easy for small business operators to run their businesses efficiently using POS systems. A POS system uses inventory software to perform functions such as recording the number of sales made and time of purchase, figuring out how items are selling by analysing sales data, keeping an up-to-date history of all sales and improving pricing.

How a POS System Works

POS Systems have evolved significantly from the traditional cash registers to organised systems with automated functions. The most recent development in POS systems is on-site and cloud-based POS systems that allow users to have POS systems that can work online and offline.

A modern POS system typically consists of a central computer, inventory software, electronic cash drawer, checkout stations, a card reader, a barcode scanner, receipt printer and a network device.

POS system setups vary from one business to another according to the organisation of your business. Factors like your business’s payment method, technology adoption level, bookkeeping methodology, and your product inventory system will affect the type of POS system setup that you will require.

There are many types of POS systems, which are designed to cater to the unique needs of every business. You can choose to purchase an off-the-shelf POS, an industry-specific POS system or a custom-made POS system.

Choosing a POS System

Many POS vendors consider three factors when pricing a POS, the industry your business is in, the features it requires and the size of your business. The best way to find out how much POS systems cost is to find out directly from verified vendors. You can also compare prices from different vendors and see their price ranges for different categories of POS systems.

There is a lot of information on the many options that are available to choose from but too much information can be overwhelming in the same way no information is frustrating. So, here is a list of the top 10 POS in the UK with a global cash register to get you started on choosing the best POS for your business needs:

Lightspeed Retail EPOS

It caters to small and medium-sized businesses. Key features include integrated payments, cloud-based mobility, security, a loyalty program, report analytics, inventory and omnichannel. The most popular payment costs £69/month with a 14 days free trial period.

Square for Retail

This company offers simple and powerful solutions. Square tools are packaged into a mobile application and it offers digital receipts for payments, inventory, open tickets, reports and hardware options. Square packages cost between £39 and £129 in monthly charges.

Vend POS

This is a widely known EPOS used by tens of thousands of retailers around the world. As a cloud-based POS, Vend allows its users to access it from anywhere in the world. Vend tools are intuitive, fast and reliable. Vend also accommodates powerful add-ons to extend user capabilities. Vend has three pricing plans; the first two require £69/month and £99/month fees. Prices for the third plan are quoted directly by the company.

Shopify POS

The firm offers one of the largest e-commerce platforms and supports businesses of all sizes. Shopify enables payments with credit cards, gift cards, store credit and partial payment. It also offers discounts, store and customer management services. Users get a free 30-day free trial period and three monthly choice plans that cost $29 $79 and $299.


This is an iPad-based cash register that is intuitive and easy to use. Shopkeep accepts any form of payment and provides features such as automatic inventory tracking, real-time sales reports and employee management. Shopkeep pricing is not published online. The company encourages customers to call them and get a free quote.

Epos Now POS

This provider offers the best features for retail businesses with a busy environment and scaling businesses. It works online and offline. Key features include ease of use, inventory control, web services integration and a customer loyalty program. Prices for packages range between monthly charges of £499 cash or £25 in installments and £549- £1199 one-time solutions with a 30-day free trial before purchasing.

Erply POS

This is a cloud-based POS that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses and is easy to install and apply. Key features include a fast and responsive system, speedy product lookup, shipping integration and a cloud hybrid system. Prices are $99 a month and a free demo that is available on request.


It is also a cloud-based POS that comes with customised hardware. Key features are hardware options, checkout and payment, customer loyalty programs and high security. The pricing plan for clover is a $14/month fee for business with less than $50,000 yearly credit card returns and 29/month for those with more than $50,000/year credit card sales. Clover hardware costs between $49 and $ 1499.

Magestore WebPOS

This is the leading web-based POS used by ma-gento retailers with a global user base of more than 10,000 retailers. It offers online and offline stock control, an omnichannel solution and an intuitive user interface for easy management and inventory control. Magestore POS offers a onetime payment plan for new, growing and thriving businesses and a free demo.

QuickBooks POS

The provider offers one of the best POS systems for accounting. It tracks inventory, sales and customers. Key features include hardware compatibility with Microsoft Surface Pro, inventory tracking and customer loyalty program. QuickBooks comes with a 30-day free trial period and a price range of one-time payments of $1200-$1900.

Retailers in the UK who are looking to purchase a POS system have many options to choose from. The above listed POS systems provide quality services, and users can be assured of their efficiency.

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