An Overview of Holvi Neobank

Holvi is one of the leading digital banking services for entrepreneurs and freelancers. It was founded in 2011 and has headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Holvi utilises powerful money management tools that allow its clients to enjoy the convenience of easy-to-use business current accounts. With its innovative tools, the digital bank offers a cutting edge banking experience that helps clients to run their business flawlessly.
Holvi was founded by entrepreneurs who boast of an exceptional understanding of the unique challenges of building a small business enterprise. With FinTech – the latest innovation in financial technology at hand, Holvi has managed to build an all-inclusive banking service that restructures most of the time-consuming and complicated financial processes. With Holvi, entrepreneurs can get back their time.

Which Businesses is Holvi Concerned with?

Holvi built a digital bank that brought a difference in the cloud. By using AWS, Holvi can deliver financial services much quicker while getting regulatory consent. Holvi is a start-up digital bank service that provides small business entrepreneurs and freelancers with checking accounts and integrated tools for invoicing, collecting payments online, as well as managing expenses. All these tools are housed in a simple easy-to-use platform.

To provide excellent services to its customers, Holvi has relentlessly sought new ways of delivering the best in technologies and innovative tools to its clients. It is for this reason that Holvi has come up with strategic and important partnerships with other companies such as Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Virtual Private, and Amazon CloudWatch. These partnerships enable entrepreneurs and freelancers to enjoy fast financial services on a secure infrastructure.

List of the business accounts that Holvi offers

Financial technology companies are utilising emerging technologies that mainly focus on customer experience. For instance, Holvi utilises its flexibility to beat competition. Being flexible enables the online banking firm to customise their products and services according to the needs of specific groups of entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Among its unique products is a business current account that is available to freelancers and small businesses, a market with over 40 million potential customers. Besides the business current account, the mobile bank also offers integrated tools for invoicing, collecting payments online and managing expenses.

To serve its clients, Holvi offers two types of plans: a free one with no monthly fees and a basic one with a monthly fee of £9. What sets these two plans apart is that the free plan doesn’t come with an invoice tool. It is imperative to note, however, that Holvi also charges fees that are not included in the monthly fee. After all, there is no such thing as a comprehensive and free business banking.

Additional fees charged by Holvi

  • Cash withdrawal fee: Withdrawing your money via an ATM will cost you 2.5 per cent of the withdrawal amount.
  • Abroad usage fee: Any transaction carried out in a foreign currency other than the sterling pound attracts a 2 per cent fee.
  • Additional card fee: In case you need an extra card, you have to pay £3 per month.

In some countries, this challenger bank permits individuals to create an online store for their business. This feature, however, isn’t currently available in UK. Another limitation is that you can only receive bank money transfers in pounds.

How to Open an Account

Opening a business account with fintech bank follows a relatively straightforward application process. To open an account, you need the following requirements:

  • Valid ID, Passport or EU Identity Card
  • Company registration number
  • VAT number – if you are VAT registered
  • Registry extract from Companies House

To open your Holvi business account, visit and click on “Sign Up” at the top. You will then be guided through the entire opening account process.

Important things to note when opening an account

  • Email Address: Make sure that your email address is correct and active. This is because you will receive an automated email that will enable you to verify your details by clicking on the link therein. If your email address is not confirmed, you won’t be able to use your account.
  • Your Identity: You can only open a Holvi account if you are a representative of the entity that you are opening the account for. As such, you will have to submit your real name, your home address and a complete individual verification to open the account.
  • Pricing Plan: You have to choose a pricing plan that is convenient for you when opening a business account with Holvi. You, however, can change the plan at your convenience if you change your mind afterwards.
  • Your Business: You will have to provide your business information to ensure that your account is verified quickly.


Holvi neobank offers a bank account with a debit card as well as numerous management tools. These tools are among the attributes that set Holvi apart from the rest. Without the tools, small market enterprises devote about 6.5 hours every week to paperwork, tax management and invoices. This paperwork takes most of the entrepreneurs’ valuable time.

Holvi business account will provide entrepreneurs with a paperless accounting system that enables them to review their expenditures and income while generating invoices. Moreover, the system will mark the invoices that have been paid and the pending collection.

Besides helping you review your cash flows, the Holvi system will automatically generate high graphic financial reports that are easy to understand even at a glance, thus allowing VAT accounting in actual time. Holvi neobank for business also allows freelancers and entrepreneurs to scan their payment receipts and attach them to their card payments, thus making it easier for them to justify their expenses rather than accruing a heap of papers.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur running a small business that doesn’t require much cash handling outside UK, Holvi neobank is the ideal option. This is because it will help you separate your personal and business finances in addition to simplifying accounting.

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